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Client Testimonials


"For Kathleen, myself along with the Presidents Award winners, we all enjoyed the process and discussion. It provided a process to not only think about how we run our business but also how we work as a family unit. It helps you realize how to be a better coach in everything that you do. Thanks for taking time to share this with our team."

John E. Panichella
President Aqualon
Hercules Incorporated
Wilmington, DE

"A recent Corporate event brought together 20 of our "best of the best" from around the globe in a think tank type meeting. This group comprised not only a variety of native languages and cultural backgrounds, but also different functional and business backgrounds. Uitlizing the O'Meara Process, David provided this very diverse group with a common platform that enabled them to work together quickly and efficiently. New approaches to several problems facing our Corporation were the result of these sessions."

Paul C. Raymond, III
Vice President and President
Paper Technologies and Ventures
Hercules Incorporated
Wilmington, DE

"I started reading [your book] and couldn't put it down...fascinating! It is a sobering treatise in how insulated we live our lives and how we affect others without fully knowing the consequences. What a revelation. Again, thanks for my new bible."

Dr. George Jones
Consultant, Institutional Development
United States International University
Nairobi, Kenya

"David’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious! His shared coaching experiences add a dimension to his training that brings the journey of learning to life. We believe the O’Meara Process will take our leadership team to the next level at DPC."

Catherine Budd
Human Resources Director
Dartmouth Printing Company
New Hampshire

This [book] is great stuff! The line on the bottom of your front cover could have read - "A revolutionary tool for parents, coaches, athletes, teachers, managers, or anyone else in any kind of leadership position."

Chris Gallagher, Headmaster
New Gate School
Sarasota, Florida

"Your book has inspired my motives to better my relationship with my surrounding so that I achieve maximum success in what ever I do...

I will reach a higher true potential now. I set goals for everything I do now.  The important thing is that I am now more self-disciplined rather than disciplined and I am fueled by my spark. I already had aspirations, but your ideas outlined them into a reliable, conscious, and reasonable manner in order to allow me to know that I can do it, I can achieve any goal. The book realigned the way I thought about human interactions with everything, but mostly with other humans. I like the ten steps. They are easy to follow and rearrange wrong thoughts, that the normal population may have within their encephalon, into correct thoughts.

In short, I want to thank you most of all for putting the effort into creating this art. And, know your work is traveling throughout the world to better others lives."

Charles Rosien

"David's teachings and professionalism have become an inspiration and model for me. I use David's simple words of wisdom everyday... David has and continues to be an inspiration in my journey towards growth."

Altaf Merchant
UBS Paine Webber

"...thanking you for last night's presentation to our staff...your emotions, your energy, and your positive attitude are such a great inspiration to us as a team."

David and Molly Jackson
New Balance of Sarasota

"I consider David not only an inspiration from a practical business perspective but most importantly on a humanistic level. The O'Meara process is truly an example of the human revolution in action!"

Gary F. Budd
Triangle Credit Union
New Hampshire