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David OMeara with the managers of O2 Health Studio in Chennia, India

The O'Meara Process Workshops

Initiating changes in your business or personal performance requires that you generate new thoughts, feelings and actions. These new perceptions will help identify patterns in your performance allowing you to learn from your successes and your mistakes.

The O’Meara Process Workshops for Business design a path and guarantee results for your improvement. You will learn new methods, commit to new responsibilities, and discover new ways to achieve optimal performance. These workshops show you how to examine and use The O'Meara Process in your daily life to resolve conflict, gain trust, and remove limitations. Bring these workshops to your organization and develop a plan that will enhance your overall performance.

Business Workshop Program Description

This intensive, full-day workshop equips you with the necessary skills and tools to improve your performance and grow your awareness. David O'Meara takes you through his revolutionary process that promotes trust, respect and cooperation allowing your team to achieve their personal best. The application of The O'Meara Process will change the way you approach your personal challenges at home, at the office, and in your daily life. The workshop uses role-playing and hypothetical scenarios to experience the power of this process.

Who Should Attend:

  • Business Leaders
  • Directors, Managers and Supervisors
  • Employees

What You'll Learn:

Business Leaders:

  • How to drive increased profitability through clear and strategic thinking
  • How to increase customer satisfaction through a "co-operative philosophy"
  • How to hire employees that will "make a difference"
  • How to rekindle teamwork

Directors, Managers and Supervisors:

  • A new way to manage your staff and your life
  • How to create responsible and self-disciplined workers
  • How to deal with any conflict
  • How to improve employee interaction


  • How to tap into your own "spark"
  • How to become a valuable employee
  • Your responsibilities as a team member

Workshop Agenda:

I. The O'Meara Process
David O'Meara takes an insightful look at the foundation, the drive, and the purpose of being a leader. He examines how the approach to managing has a dynamic effect on the employee's confidence, creativity and performance. His revolutionary 10-step process guarantees lasting results.

II. Discovery
What are you doing well today? What do you want to do better? During this portion of the workshop, you will analyze the strengths of your current methods and identify how The O'Meara Process can heighten your awareness and overall performance.

III. Case Study and Role Play
David will facilitate the application of The O'Meara Process through interactive sessions that use fictitious and actual situations to reinforce the newly learned skills.

IV. Life Experience
Applying this 10-step process to your personal life, David will demonstrate how this new approach can be applied to any circumstance -- resolving conflict, removing fears, and gaining trust.

Getting Started:

The O'Meara Process Business Workshops come to you! The ideal way to utilize the Business Workshop is to have the leaders, managers, and employees work together. Take the initiative to change the way your company interacts. Complete our Contact David Form or call us today at 941-355-2122.