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David OMeara at the Dead Sea in Jordan

Fitness Training
After years of coaching, training and competing, David O’Meara has developed a unique fitness training program called Body Protection™.

Body Protection is a movement-based training program designed toDavid OMeara working out on Siesta Key prevent injury and optimize athletic performance in any sport. The components of the program provide competitive athletes with strength/endurance, speed/explosion and flexibility, while developing the body’s connective tissue. This multi-muscle, multi-directional, and multi-functional series of exercises also stimulates an athlete’s proprioception which promotes better balance and stabilization.

Current clients include:
  • One of the best batsmen in professional cricket
  • An Olympic hopeful in archery
  • Competitive tennis players
  • A professional golfer
  • Ranked track and field triple-jumper and sprinters

Body Protection revolutionizes the way competitive athletes train!

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